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In 2008, as a high school graduate, I joined a veterinary practice and worked my way up through many positions in the clinic and the company. I started in an entry-level position as a kennel attendant. My curiosity as to how the veterinary team treated their patients led me on a path driven by passion but fueled by determination to reach my professional goals and help animals and people. 

Through each step of my personal development journey, I came to realize that few people outside our industry have an awareness of the blood, sweat, and—indeed—tears that go into working in this profession. But what I failed to realize was the amount of stress I, too, experienced in the workplace and that I, too, was at the point of burn out. One of the most difficult career decisions I‘ve ever had to make was to step down as the leader and mentor for my staff and step back from my role as a veterinary practice manager and strategic planning coach. But that’s exactly what I did in 2019. I prioritized caring for myself for a while, and I began to explore opportunities to continue my professional growth, which was at a standstill. This time “off” gave me a chance to absorb and process the experiences I had encountered in my veterinary career.

What commonalities existed across the board, and how could we improve them? How could I influence the future of the veterinary industry to focus on the well-being of not just the patients but of the health professionals? I encountered the same concerns in multiple practices across the country, even around the world, in my quest to research and develop this book. Veterinarians, support staff, and key industry leaders are aware of the challenges the industry faces, and together they’re innovating solutions. 

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Author Neha Taneja’s experience as a veterinary assistant, licensed veterinary technician, and practice manager shines through A Paw Partnership’s assessment of the veterinary industry’s challenges and forecast of its future. Her writing is informative and peppered with endearing stories of pets and practices that will pull at your heart strings.

Melanie Bowden

Veterinarian & TED Talk speaker