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About Us

Driven by Passion, Fueled by Determination

In 2008, Neha joined a veterinary practice and worked in various roles in a veterinary hospital. She has experience in support level and leadership positions, as well as providing support as a coach and mentor for her colleagues. Her curiosity as to how the veterinary team treated their patients led her on a path driven by passion and fueled by determination to help animals and people. 

Our Story

Through each step of her personal development journey, Neha came to realize that few people outside our industry have an awareness of the blood, sweat, and—indeed—tears that go into working in the veterinary profession. What commonalities existed across the board, and how could we improve them? How could she influence the future of the veterinary industry to focus on the well-being of not just the patients but of the health professionals? She encountered the same concerns in multiple practices across the country, even around the world, in her quest to research and develop A Paw Partnership

A Paw Partnership is committed to supporting veterinary professionals, pets and pet parents to provide wholesome and compassion care. We seek to help pet owners understand why their pet may be experiencing difficulty, whether that be emotionally or physically. A Paw Partnership's mission is to strengthen and support the human-animal bond.

Meet The Team


Author Neha Taneja’s experience as a veterinary assistant, licensed veterinary technician, and practice manager shines through A Paw Partnership’s assessment of the veterinary industry’s challenges and forecast of its future. Her writing is informative and peppered with endearing stories of pets and practices that will pull at your heart strings.

Melanie Bowden

Veterinarian & TED Talk speaker

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