Booking speaking engagements now!

They last few years have been full of engaging conversations centered around combatting the challenges we face in veterinary medicine. Throughout my journey, I have met and collaborated with numerous individuals to explore ways on how we can help the future generation of veterinary professionals feel empowered and succeed in the profession. 

I am now booking speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and author workshops on various topics. Please see below a collection of recent speaking engagements and podcast interviews I've had and topics I can speak to you and your team, students, and organization about! 

I look forward to working with you!

professional development

Not sure about the next steps in your career? Let's work on a coaching plan to help you achieve your professional goals.


Having a mentor to guide and coach you through your veterinary career is so important and invaluable. Let's talk if you feel you are looking for a mentor to help you through the next steps of your career.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a difficult component to keep up with while managing a business. Let's work together on how to keep your employees engaged in the workplace.

preventing burnout

Burnout is all too common in the veterinary profession. Let's talk about it and discuss how we can support one another through our veterinary careers.

Previous speaking engagements
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